Stainless Steel Works

– Process cooling Water System in Global Foundries Singapore Pte Ltd @ CSM FAB #7

– Flavour & Fragrance containers & tanks in Givaudan Singapore Pte Ltd

– Flavour & Fragrances tanks & piping in International Flavor & Fragrances (Aisa Pacific) Pte Ltd

– Flavour containers & facility system in Pacific Refreshment Pte Ltd

– Process system & hopper in Kyocera Chemical (S) Pte Ltd

– Chocolate and Cocoa products system in Barry Callebaut Singapore 

– Biopharmaceuticals piping system in  Lonza Biologics Tuas Pte Ltd

Steel Structurer and Mezzanine Works

– Structure work for Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

– Structure work for Raffles Secondary School

– Catwalk and platform for 3M SINGAPORE

– Structure work for retaining walls in LTA-KPE Ventilation Tower

– Structure work for Marina Square Shopping Centre

– Structure work for Lift upgrading at Kyocera Chemical (S) Pte Ltd

– Structure work for New plant line at Kyocera Chemical (S) Pte Ltd

– Structure work for Mediapolis at One North

Pipe Work – Process Piping

– Stainless steel material for process cooling water system in CSM Fab #& and compressed air system in AFPD

– Carbon steel material (diameter size range from 15mm to 600mm) and insulation work for the chilled water system in AFPD.

– PVC Pipe, Sch. 80 for Process Cooling Water

– PE, PVC and Carbon steel piping for chemical drainage and chilled water system in 3M plant


– Town Gas; Galvanized material (CS)

– Chemical drainage; PVC, PP, PE and SS material

– Process system; PCW and chilled water system

– UPW system; PVDF, PE and Double Containment