All grades laser cut – 1100, 5052, 6061 etc.

Processed every day here at Cutting Technologies – Applications range from architectural components, through light-weight theatre sets to “clean stencils” – stencils used to pressure wash advertising campaigns onto dirty pavements. The quality of laser cut aluminum is excellent, and we use special techniques to protect the surface of the soft material from scratches.

Max. part size 3000x1500mm
Min. part size Very Small – depends on material thickness
Max. thickness 10mm
Min. Thickness <0.5mm
Min. Detail Detail can be less than the material thickness
Cutting Tolerance Less Than 3mm – +/-0.03mm
3-10mm – +/-0.5
Effects of Thermal Cutting The cut edge on thinner sections is smooth and even – the edge quality degrades a little as thickness increases
Common Grades 1100, 5052, 6061.
Sheet Sizes 2440x1220mm/3050x1525mm
Applications Any application requiring a lightweight but strong component.