Laser Cutting applications for Brand & Marketing

You design it and we’ll make it for you

It’s all about the image

We’re engineers, material scientists and technicians – we don’t do design. However, we do understand you arty types (well, a little!) and we really know how to put lasers to work to transform your ideas into finished items. We already work with hundreds of you to create the right brand image, the right marketing message, the right giveaway. We know what you need and we have the right tools to supply it.

Flexible design

Because we laser cut such a huge range of materials you’re free to let your creative juices overflow. We love a challenge so test us – we have years of experience of turning a brief thought into a finished item and we love to see it when it comes off our machines. We laser cut large things, perhaps for an exhibition stand, to tiny things – something that will post out easily for example.


Big brands deserve big ideas

We work with some of the largest design houses around and we integrate seamlessly with the creative process. We’re used to creating mock-ips, prototypes and variations right through to the finished production batch. We understand your clients use the touchy feely approach to brand marketing – they need to see something before they sign off. So we offer a fast prototyping service to get you in front of your customer quickly – you can use us to shorten the time between idea and order. Give us a try and see how we can help.

Showcase for Brand & Marketing

Take a look at some of the showcase work we have done for the Brand & Marketing Industries



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Tell us about your job

First up we’ll need to know some details about your job. How detailed is it? What size and materials do you require? How many do you need?


We’ll give you a quote

A member of our team will contact you (usually the same day) to discuss requirements in more detail and will then give you a quote for the job.


We’ll create your order

Our skill is interpreting your design and using one of our lasers we will turn your ideas into a finished quality product.

Laser Cutting Technical Information

Our range of machine offers the very highest standards of laser cutting, below shows the accuracy, depth and capacity we can achieve.

Maximum Part Size

3000 x 2000mm

Maximum Part Weight


Smallest laser diameter


Thinnest We Can Cut


Monthly Machine Capacity

600 hours

Average lead time

2.5 days