Brass & Copper

Our Ermaksan 4KW Fiber Lasers are the latest technology that can easily Laser Cut Brass and copper.

We have Fiber Lasers that specialize in Laser Cutting Brass & Copper.

Max. part size 3000x1500mm (but usually limited by sheet size of 2000x1000mm)
Min. part size Very Small – depends on material thickness
Max. thickness 6mm
Min. Thickness <0.5mm
Min. Detail Detail should not be less than the material thickness e.g. minimum 3mm diameter hole in 3mm thick material
Cutting Tolerance Less Than 3mm – +/-0.2mm
3-6mm – +/-0.25mm
Effects of Thermal Cutting The cut edge on thinner sections is smooth – the edge quality degrades as thickness increases. Discolouration of the material can occur.
Common Grades CZ108 – There are lots of others – tell us what you need and we’ll try to find it.
Sheet Sizes 2000x1000mm, possibly less
Common Applications Decorative products / special engineering components / electrical / others