Laser Cutting Copper & Brass

Using the latest fibre laser technology means we can now offer laser cutting of so called yellow metals copper, brass and bronze. Previously cutting yellow metals with CO2 lasers was troublesome due to their highly reflective properties.

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Brass & Copper

Our Ermaksan 4KW Fiber Lasers are the latest technology that can easily Laser Cut Brass and copper.

We have Fiber Lasers that specialize in Laser Cutting Brass & Copper.
Max. part size 3000x1500mm (but usually limited by sheet size of 2000x1000mm)
Min. part size Very Small – depends on material thickness
Max. thickness 6mm
Min. Thickness <0.5mm
Min. Detail Detail should not be less than the material thickness e.g. minimum 3mm diameter hole in 3mm thick material
Cutting Tolerance Less Than 3mm – +/-0.2mm 3-6mm – +/-0.25mm
Effects of Thermal Cutting The cut edge on thinner sections is smooth – the edge quality degrades as thickness increases. Discolouration of the material can occur.
Common Grades CZ108 – There are lots of others – tell us what you need and we’ll try to find it.
Sheet Sizes 2000x1000mm, possibly less
Common Applications Decorative products / special engineering components / electrical / others