Laser Cutting Applications for Engineering

Remember – we don’t compete with you, we’re just very good with lasers


Total Laser Service

First and foremost – We Don’t Do In-House Fabrication – We Don’t Compete With You. We’re a laser cutting company, and we’re very good at it; we don’t get involved in Design or Fabrication. We will source through our trusted partners folding/bending to compliment our laser service on suitable parts and volumes.

Range of Materials

We offer the local range of materials in the industry. Because we using different technology and power we can cut materials other companies just can’t do. From 0.3mm brass material to 20mm mild steel can be laser cut. We keep stocks of almost popular materials so we can offer the best service and we have excellent suppliers who can get stuff to us really quickly.

Small enough to cope

We laser cut thousands of parts for hundreds of customers. We handle jobs ranging from an SGD$10 order to large contracts involving months of work. To us an order is an order – we don’t mind the size as long as it comes in! Although we have the capacity to cope with major contracts when you deal with us it feels like your dealing with the small friendly company you’re always looking to deal with. Our customer service is second to none – we really do believe that because that’s what our customers tell us.

Why we’re so good

Now, a little information about why our service is second to none –

  • We get your quote back to you very quickly – we understand you can’t win the order until you’ve quoted, so we try to make sure your quote is there before your competitors.
  • We’re competitive (surprisingly so sometimes!). Our processes are designed to minimise overhead so our prices are great, giving you a better chance of winning the order.
  • Our service is island -wide. Although we’re based in the North Area.
  • Once you place your order we confirm a delivery date – this is normally 3 – 4 days, but can be quicker. The main thing is we’re realistic – we don’t make promises we don’t think we can keep.
  • We control issue levels for you-you don’t have to worry about having several versions of a part – we cut the one you want.
  • We deliver – we use our own transports to do day to day service. Standard delivery is included in our quoted price – you don’t get a nasty shock when you receive the invoice.
  • We keep all your part details on file – you can place a repeat order years after we’ve done it and we’ll have the information.

Showcase for Engineering

Take a look at some of the showcase work we have done for the Engineering Industries



Our bread & butter – engineering parts are 60% of our workload

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We’re an extension of a manufacturer’s production line

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Ready to get started?

Get your project off the ground today with our simple 3 step process


Tell us about your job

First up we’ll need to know some details about your job. How detailed is it? What size and materials do you require? How many do you need?


We’ll give you a quote

A member of our team will contact you (usually the same day) to discuss requirements in more detail and will then give you a quote for the job.


We’ll create your order

Our skill is interpreting your design and using one of our 6 lasers we will turn your ideas into a finished quality product.

Laser Cutting Technical Information

Our range of machine offers the very highest standards of laser cutting, below shows the accuracy, depth, and capacity we can achieve.

Maximum Part Size

3000 x 1500mm

Maximum Part Weight


Smallest laser diameter


Thinnest We Can Cut


Monthly Machine Capacity

600 hours

Average lead time

2.5 days