Mild Steel

All types laser cut – CR4, S275, S355, P&O etc

This represents the largest percentage of our work here at (Metal Stamping) Cutting Technologies. The cut quality is excellent, the level of detail achievable high, and the versatility of the material means it is used across a very wide range of industries. Laser and Metal Cutting sheet for general fabrications combine with thicker plate cutting for industries ranging from structural steelworkers to agricultural equipment.

Max. part size 3000x1500mm
Min. part size Very Small – depends on material thickness
Max. thickness 20mm
Min. Thickness <0.5mm
Min. Detail Detail can be less than the material thickness but caution is advised as the thickness increases
Cutting Tolerance Less Than 3mm – +/-0.15mm
3-6mm – +/-0.2mm
8-12mm – +/-0.25mm
>12mm – +/-0.5mm
Effects of Thermal Cutting The cut edge can become hard – the higher the carbon content the harder the cut edge
Common Grades CR4 / S275 / S355
Sheet Sizes 2440×1220/3050x1525mm
Applications Sheet Metalwork / General Fabrication / Structural / Architectural / OEM / Tools / Models / Sculpture / Art – the list really does go on!