Other Steel

All types laser cut – Corten, Galvanised, Zintec, Tool Steel

We don’t just cut standard mild steel. We do a lot of work for companies that need something a little different. For example, we cut a lot of corten (the steel that surface rusts then stops), particularly for sculpture and architecture. We also cut a lot of galvanized steel and zinc – everything from signs to litter bins are cut in this material. Durbar (checker plate) is not a problem and we also cut tool steel – the high carbon content results in a really good cut edge

Max. part size 3000x1500mm
Min. part size Very Small – depends on material thickness
Max. thickness 20mm
Min. Thickness <0.5mm
Min. Detail Detail can be less than the material thickness but caution is advised as the thickness increases
Cutting Tolerance Less Than 3mm – +/-0.15mm
3-6mm – +/-0.2mm
8-12mm – +/-0.25mm
>12mm – +/-0.5mm
Effects of Thermal Cutting The cut edge can become hard – the higher the carbon content the harder the cut edge
Common Grades corten / durbar / galvanised / zinc / tool steel
Sheet Sizes Various – please check with us
Applications Sheet Metalwork / General Fabrication / Structural / Architectural / OEM / Tools / Models / Sculpture / Art – the list really does go on!