Laser Cutting applications for OEM & Industrial

We act as a Tier 1 supplier to a diverse range of manufacturers

Lasers without the cost

When you source your laser cut components from us it really is like having your own lasers, but without the cost. We get to know your process needs and integrate our systems to do what you want when you want it. We’re used to just-in-time deliveries and we understand the problems caused if that delivery doesn’t happen. We even reserve an amount of our capacity for rush jobs so we can respond quickly to unforeseen emergencies. Get in touch with us and let us show you how we can eliminate supply issues and let you worry about more important things.

Experience counts

We work with such a huge range of industries we’ve probably seen your application before. Typical Manufacturers we work with include:

Agricultural Construction Security
Shopfitting Pre-Fabrication Transport
Medical Fasteners Catering
Lighting Mobility Handling
Conveyors Pharmaceutical Many many more…

Big enough to cope

We laser cut thousands of parts for hundreds of customers. We operate from 18,000 square feet of production space using six laser systems which run 24 hours per day. Our people are trained in both the technology we use and the reasons clients use us – they understand that job security is inextricably linked to customer satisfaction. We specialise in laser cutting and laser engraving but we have partnerships with specialists in fabrication, machining and finishing so if you need finished components we can supply them. Our estimating team comprises engineers and materials specialists so we can usually answer any questions you have and assist you in getting the right parts at the right price.

Showcase for OEM & Industrial

Take a look at some of the showcase work we have done for the OEM & Industrial Industries



Our bread & butter – engineering parts are 60% of our workload

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We’re an extension of a manufacturer’s production line

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Ready to get started?

Get your project off the ground today with our simple 3 step process


Tell us about your job

First up we’ll need to know some details about your job. How detailed is it? What size and materials do you require? How many do you need?


We’ll give you a quote

A member of our team will contact you (usually the same day) to discuss requirements in more detail and will then give you a quote for the job.


We’ll create your order

Our skill is interpretting your design, and using one of our 6 lasers we will turn your ideas into a finished quality product.

Laser Cutting Technical Information

Our range of machine offer the very highest standards of laser cutting, below shows the accuracy, depth and capacity we can achieve.

Maximum Part Size

3000 x 1500mm

Maximum Part Weight


Smallest laser diameter


Thinnest We Can Cut


Monthly Machine Capacity

600 hours

Average lead time

2.5 days